Designed and overseen by renowned beverage consultants, Tippling Bros., the beverage program at Double A is what makes this a one of a kind nightlife destination. For guests seated at one of our tables, the bar layout gives them a “tippler’s eye” view, allowing them to watch their bartender shake individualized cocktails right in front of their eyes. Guests are also welcome to interact with the mixologists and hand select ingredients for a tailored-to-fit libation. Cocktails take center stage with offerings ranging from the exotic Caipisutra (leblon cachaça / pineapple / grapefruit lime / garam masala) to the sensual Cheeky Chicky Boom Boom (strawberry, St. Germain, lemon, vanilla sugar) with other choices, both classic and original, to please every palate. The bottle service list specializes in tequila, offering more than 25 varieties, as well as vodkas, gins, brandies, rums, whiskies and, of course, champagnes to turn any night into an occasion. Guests are encouraged to select from a range of fresh and creative mixers, which are whipped up on the spot, to accompany their bottle selection.